Anura Wine Farm
A pretty wine estate with lots to offer.
The Anura wine farm is located at the base of the Simonsberg mountain range, close to both Paarl and Stellenbosch. The estate is more than just a vineyard, with a complete animal farm, restaurant and function rooms, all of which are supposed to help make the visitor feel at home. The wine estate had previously been a very small estate, with only a couple of small vineyards lying side by side. The current owners have worked hard to ensure that the wine farm has flourished, and there are now 150 hectares of vineyard, producing around 700 tonnes of wine annually.

Anura was purchased in 1989 by the Bouma family, and Tymen and Jenny have worked hard to make it a success. They waited many years for their grapes to mature, only producing the first wine in 2001. Prior to that, they had sold the grapes to local wineries. The majority of the vines planted in Anura are of red grapes, including Petit Verdot, Grenache, Malbec, Petit Noir, Mouvédre, and Sangiovese. Some of these grape plants are rather rare in South Africa, but the Bouma family have dedicated themselves to producing wines which are rather different from the normal South African wines.

Because of the wine estate’s position at the base of a mountain, Anura enjoys a variety of soils and altitudes, some of which have their own micro-climates. This allows the vineyards to flourish, no matter what the needs of the individual wines. Tymen Bouma has also worked hard to match his estate to the demands of each vine, including managing the irrigation and trellis arrangements, and controlling the amount of wine produced by each vine. This helps to encourage the vines to become firmly rooted in the soil, and as they continue to mature, the possibilities of the Anura vineyard seem endless.

Anura Wine Farm
Anura is home to some exceptional wines.
The many grapes which are grown on the estate are harvested by hand, and selected carefully for their ripeness. The nature of the grapes are also taken into consideration, since the estate believes in producing top-quality wines, and the grapes need to be treated in certain ways in order to enhance the flavour. Once the fruits have been hand-picked, they are then placed on a machine which removes the leaves, rotten berries, and any stalk matter. They are then turned to hand sorting in order to maintain the standard of the grapes. Once the best fruits have been selected, the grapes are then crushed.

Because the wines have to be carefully produced in order to make fine wine, the experts usually select a particular type of crushing, fermenting and even the type of wood being used for the processes. This has allowed the estate to produce a number of excellent wines, including the Anura, Joy and Zee range. The Anura range is dedicated to fine wines such as Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, while the Joy range offers an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend from 2007, designed to bring out the fruity flavours of both, and also give a hint of dark chocolate in the finish.