Nuy is an established winery, founded in the 1960s and intended to produce quality wines. It is one of the smallest wine cellars running as a co-operative in South Africa, but still manages to produce excellent award winning wines that have attracted admiration on a local, national and international level. The basis of its success lies in its traditional style of winemaking, looking back to the Old World to find ways of bringing the true nature of the grape to the surface of the wine, and allowing the flavours to speak for themselves. This works particularly well with the traditional single-varietal and blended wines.

There is no real consensus on where the Nuy name comes from, with some thinking that it is a contraction of the Snuy river, and others suggesting that it must be an attempt at translating a Hottentot, Korana, or Bushman word. Because there is no one outstanding reason for the name, it must remain a mystery. That it is important to the history of the site cannot be overstated, and the fact that it is now the name of a memorable wine cellar surely means that it will have a long future as well as a significant past.

The Nuy wine farm can be found in the Western Cape of South Africa, close to the Langeberg Mountains, ensuring that the rainfall into the valley is low. The area is cooled down regularly thanks to snowfall on the Mountain range above, and some cool breezes from the Atlantic Ocean, allowing the estate to create big, well fruited grapes that produce vibrant and flavoursome wines. This is the cause of their successful reputation as wine growers, but the reports of their success in producing high standards of wine are what ensure that the Nuy name continues to be connected to wines of quality.

The wine makers are very aware of the responsibility which rests upon their shoulders, and they have many years of experience to ensure that each bottle of a variety is consistently similar in taste, aroma and body, so that the Nuy farm wines are consistent and full of character no matter what their vintage. The Nuy winery is also deliberately small, in order to ensure that while the production is small, the values behind that production are retained in every bottle of wine. The Wine makers themselves have travelled the world, and have experience of wine making in diverse countries such as America, Australia, France and Germany. This shows that they have the experience and training necessary to run a small but top quality wine farm like Nuy.

The wines made by the farm are also treated with particular care, with every wine matured for long periods, between a year and a half and two years. The wines produced range from the exquisite whites of the Sauvignon Blanc or the Colombard to the Chant de Nuit, which combines a number of different grapes to produce a fruity, delicate wine with plenty of flavour and a lingering but gentle after-taste.